So, I needed a director, preferably based in the UK…

Ambarish, who was still supporting the project, if only in spirit, put me in touch with a couple of his UK contacts, and I also put out the feelers.

I posted an announcement in Shooting People and arranged to meet with two interesting directors during my forthcoming trip to London.

A personal contact I reached out to was ex-Drama Centre classmate and friend: actress Tara Fitzgerald.  Always generous, Tara said she’d be happy to read the script and have a think as to who might be suitable.  To my great delight (and relief) she loved it and contacted Philippa Langdale with whom she’d worked recently.  The director of Skins, Waking the Dead and, as I write, ITV’s Breathless, was expecting my script!  I could hardly believe it!

Within a few days of sending it to Philippa, I received the response I imagine all writers dream of, and she was looking forward to meeting me during my trip to London.

Excitement hardly contained, I set off, pleased to be meeting petals…